Badila E-commerce: To sell your products and services to millions globally.

Ecommerce (or electronic commerce) refers to the buying and selling of goods and services globally via electronic channels, primarily the Internet. And, utilizing multiple channels for distribution and delivery.

Badila E-commerce Inc is a Delaware corporation offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to showcase and sell products and services to millions of buyers.

Badila E-Commerce focuses on providing wholesale and retail products and services in different niche to customers. Currently, the business is in partnership with multiple manufacturing, distribution companies, and sellers.

An online business, Badila avidly markets and sells worldwide utilizing innumerable channels of distribution via its website, however, the company also serves as a forum for professional services, graphics, designs, logos, branding, software, education, an array of dried fruits, nuts, snack mixes, spices, cosmetics, small appliances, computers, food and much more.

If an individual or business desires to sell products or services, this may be accomplished with a small fee of less than $1.50/day and absolutely no commissions payable to Badila. Such an undertaking permits the seller to sell to millions without marketing.

Over 2,000 job applications are presently being processing to fill positions and many personnel are given the opportunity to work from home in over 120 countries.

From executives to clerks, all personnel with Badila possess a high degree of expertise and education in their various sectors.

The recent COVID19 lockdown has resulted in many corporate changes for Badila. Nonetheless, the company is continually improving its product lines and furthering the education of all affiliated with the company.

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