The New Norm - Post Coronavirus

If Planet Earth is to survive and strive, strategic lockdown must continue to some extent.

During the Coronavirus, it became evident that “the normal” will no longer adequately apply to life’s everyday formalities. If this planet is to survive and strive, strategic lockdown must continue to some extent or there will be nothing left to pass on to the children.

Carbon emissions must be limited by either slowly banning or revamping the manufacturing process of present-day automobiles with more consideration to electrical or another method for automobile manufacturing.

Sanitising and common decency should become a “must-do” feature (I thought it was). 

Public places: banks, airports, parks, restaurants, shops, and homes should be frequently sanitised - door handles, areas that are exposed to all and coughing, and sneezing in public without a mask are to be foreseen as an offense.

In many countries, it is now a pleasure to awaken in the morning and there are no vehicles passing with boisterous stereo music, no loud disturbance from party-goers on the beaches. The tranquil feeling that now emanates from the spots that have been taken over by night clubs and weekend party lovers, seem a blessing; but for how long?

Many workers can now take pleasure in not having to commute for hours yet logging more productive hours as there are many apps that can competently oversee this method of working out of the office. 

The post coronavirus way of life has now become "the norm" for many big companies and is envisioned to continue.

We never imagined the streets where a driver can move freely without a rise in blood pressure level: it is today, a common experience.

Although a bustling town is an advancement, we must consider the environmental impact of our current state of life and how long can a planet exist under the stress of pre-coronavirus.

Consideration should be given to new avenues such as more organised at-home-schools for all ages and genres, door-to-door delivery for groceries medication and fast food has already been implemented.

Suggestions here need not be heeded, however, it is always advantageous to prepare in the event of some other occurrence – one that we may not be so fortunate to recover from.

I believe in stocking up on groceries and supplies, growing whatever herbs and vegetables that can be accommodated, sanitising in case there is a virus that has started without recognition by authorities, paying attention to the atmosphere, and distancing at all times. 

We must look-out for ourselves and our family as we cannot depend on the government or any other body to protect our good health and peace of mind.

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